Interior Trim

Service Overview

Interior trim involves a variety of related tasks. These range from installing interior doors and frames to the bathroom fixtures, including towel bars and toilet paper holders.

Get ready to choose the interior trim. With advice from our designers and the execution from our craftsmen your interior remodel will be constructed with all the right details.

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The thickness of trim is typically 1/2 inch but can range up to 3/4 inch thick for a more substantial casing or more detailed profile. Door casing and window trim are typically the same width and are inter-changeable.

Depending on dimensions of the space and amount of work, it takes 2-3 day to complete the project.

Casing is a type of molding, mainly used to trim around the windows and doors. Casing is typically not as wide but thicker than base molding. Baseboard is a type of molding, which is applied where the wall and floor meet.